Electronic Parts for Power Supply Design

Semiconductors, transformers, inductors, capacitors, resistors...
An annotated and searchable list of electronic part suppliers for the designer.

Electronic Parts, Components, and Services List

You, the power supply designer, design in electronic parts for tens of billions of dollars of product sold every year. Here is partial list of electronic parts vendors that will help you find the parts and services you need. Listing here does not imply any endorsement of the company, it is just offered as a service to the power supply circuit designer. Listing is alphabetical, but you can search by key words. Are you a vendor who wants to be listed ?

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1st Quadrant Technology, Inc.
Power supplies and custom design (consulting).
AAvid Thermal Products, Inc.
Thermal products from the simple to the complex including heatsinks.
Acme Electronics Corporation
Manufacturing and sales of Mn-Zn ferrite cores for magnetics.
Acopian Power Supplies
For more than 35 years Acopian has been shipping power supplies within three days after receipt of an order. Complete catalog on-line, plus CAD drawings and instruction sheets.
Acumentrics Corporation
Designs and manufactures products that improve power reliability, power distribution, and power control including uninterruptable and other power supplies. UPS
Adma & Lee Power Products
Custom power supply design, test, and transfer services (consulting).
Advanced Power Technology (APT)
Power semiconductors including IGBTs, power MOSFETS, diodes (Schottky, silicon carbide, & FRED), power modules, and CoolMOS(tm).
Advanced Technology Services
Factory maintenance, industrial parts repair, calibration services, IT infrastructure support, and used machinery & equipment sales including drives. Keyed on power supplies, (supporter)
AEi Systems, LLC
Power system analysis and design, SPICE modeling, simulation, and worst case, failure and reliability analysis. Also, power supplies including dc-dc converters.
AI Technology, Inc.
Materials including adhesive films and pastes and thermal interface pads and grease.
Designs and manufactures switching-mode power supplies.
Alfatec Kerafol USA, Inc.
Thermal interface materials.
Allegro Microsystems
Semiconductors including IC and sensor products (hall effect) for power electronics and motion control.
All Electronics Corp.
Electronics and electro-mechanical parts and supplies at discount prices. Keyed with: power supplies, magnetics, passive, (supporter).
Allstar Magnetics
A stocking and value-added distributor of permanent and soft ferrite cores (magnetics).
Alpha Electronics Corporation of America
Ultra-precision metal foil and thin film resistors. (passive)
American Power Designs
High voltage power supplies. (Note: Brochure/catalog website.) (supporter)
American Reliance, Inc.
Programmable dc power supplies and electronic loads.
Ametherm, Inc.
Inrush current limiters, NTC disk thermistors, PTC over current protectors. (passive)
Amsdell Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of an ATX form factor switching power supplies with a built-in UPS device.
Designer, manufacturer, and global supplier of DC-DC power converters power supplies.(manufacturing)
Analog Devices, Inc. - (ADI)
Semiconductors, power supplies, power controllers and supervisory circuits. (supporter)
Analogy, Inc.
Simulation software for analog, power electronics, and mixed signal circuits and systems. Home of Saber®.
Anderson Power Products
Connectors, including hot pluggable, instrumentation for batteries, and crimping tools.
Ansoft Corporation
Simulation software for magnetics (fields) and high frequency circuits. Home of the Maxwell simulators.
Aptronic AG
Design and manufacturing of switch mode power supplies primarily for OEMs.
Applied Power Systems, Inc.
Power semiconductor packaging and thermal management, power control & driver board products for SCR, IGBT and MOSFETS
Aras Power Technologies
Designs and manufactures AC/DC, DC/DC power supplies and full integration with PC and server enclosures, including thermal design and cooling products.
Arcotronics America, Inc.
Capacitors including film, aluminium electrolytic, and wet tantalum.
Artesyn Technologies - (ATSN)
Power supplies and communication products. Formerly Computer Products, Zytec Corp., and Heurikon. (supporter)
The magnetics group of SPS Technologies. Powder cores and other magnetic materials and assemblies.
Ault, Inc.
Power supplies. One of the largest independent manufacturer of external power products in North America.
Automation Direct
Automation and industrial control products including power supplies. (supporter)
Automatic test equipment for power supplies and uninterruptable power sources (UPS).
AVX Corporation
Capacitors and other passive components. Online and downloadable software tools support their products (simulation).
Supplier of passive electronic components (capacitors, resistors, magnetics, etc.) Now part of Vishay.
Bear Power Supplies
Manufacturer of AC/DC power supplies. (manufacturing)
The Berquist Company
Thermal management and other passive products including power cords and membrane switches. Home of Sil Pads
Buy and sell college textbooks. (supporter)
Brockhause Messtechnik
Test equipment for magnetics, hard and soft magnetic materials.
A division of CCI that specializes in power distribution bus bars and custom interconnect technologies. (cables, connectors, EMI)
Cableco Technologies Corporation
Custom connectors, interconnections systems, and power cables.
Caddock Electronics, Inc.
High performance film resistor products. (passive)
Ceramic Magnetics, Inc.
Custom ferrite cores for magnetics - power transformer and inductor applications.
Cherokee International
Manufacturer of switch mode power supplies for a wide variety of industries.
High frequency power magnetics and components.
Coiltronics, Inc.
Magnetics and coils, for DC-DC and switchmode application.
Collmer Semiconductor, Inc.
Power semiconductors including Fuji Electric power devices and Nana Electronics hall-effect sensors.
Comptronics, Inc.
Distributor of state-of-the-art and obsolete parts. (passive, semiconductor, magnetics, hardware, (connectors), etc.)
Conversion Devices, Inc.
Medical power supplies.
Cool Innovations
Thermal management, design and manufacturing of pin fin heat sinks.
Coremaster International, Inc.
Advanced soft magnetic nanocrystalline cores (magnetics).
Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.
Capacitors and snubber modules (EMI).
Cos Phi Inc.
Power quality and power factor equipment and services. Capacitors, power factor correction banks, harmonic mitigation equipment, testing and measuring (test equipment), training and education, system analysis (consulting), grounding.
Cosel USA
U.S. subsidiary of COSEL Co., Ltd. Japan, serving the U.S. market as the marketing, distribution (distributor) and service organization of COSEL AC/DC Power, DC/DC Converter products (power supplies).
Cramer Magnetics
Manufacturer of high frequency magnetics for switch mode power supply applications.
Cree, Inc.
Develops and manufactures semiconductor materials and devices based on silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon (Si) and related compounds. Products include light emitting diodes (LEDs), near UV lasers, radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices, and power switching devices.
Current Solutions, Inc.
OEM representative for Power supplies .
Custom Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of high voltage mica paper capacitors and electronic modules. (passive components)
D1 International, Inc.
Power supplies including DC/DC converters, and meters. (supporter)
Darnell Group
Publications. Information providers for the power electronics industry including electronic newsletters and special industry reports. A pioneer power electronics website. Contains discussion forum.
Datasheet Directory
Looking for the data sheet on most components in your design? Here is a fast way to find it. Keys: semiconductors, passive, magnetic, amplifiers, sensors, and many more.
Datatronic Distribution, Inc.
Designs and manufactures wire-wound magnetics, including transformers, inductors & current sense transformers for switching power supplies. (supporter)
Manufactures DC/DC converters (power supplies), data acquisition and conversion components, digital panel voltmeters, computer data acquisition boards, and electronic loads.
Dell, Inc. - (DELL)
Computer power accessories, power supplies, surge protectors, UPS, and batteries. (supporter)
Delta Energy Systems
Manufactures customized power supplies, telecom power systems and board mountable dc/dc converters. (Formerly Ascom Energy Systems)
Design Software
Analog, digital, symbolic, RF and mixed-mode circuit simulation. (supporter)
Dexter Magnetic Technologies
Permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, ferrite cores (magnetics), thermistors (thermal) and EMC (EMI) components.
Digikey Corporation
Distributor of electronics parts including semiconductors, passive components, magnetics, and power supplies. (supporter)
Materials. High performance plastics for molding of electronic components.
DVD Overseas Electronics
Voltage converters and electronics that work on U.S.A and overseas voltage sources. Keyed on transformer, power supplies and (supporter)
Dynex Semiconductor
Manufacturer of power semiconductors and assemblies.
ECU Electronics Industrial Co, Ltd
Magnetics and power supplies.
Elcon Products International Company
Power connectors and interconnect solutions for power delivery systems, including blind mate hot plug connectors.
Eldre Corporation
Manufactures of laminated busbars for power distribution solutions. (Key words: cables, connectors, and EMI)
Electronic Concepts, Inc.
Electronic Engineer's Master (EEM)
Links to thousands of manufacturers of electronic components, equipment and services, including power supplies.
ELNA Ferrite Technologies
Stocking distributor for ferrites with custom machining. (magnetics)
Elpac Electronics, Inc. (Elpac Power Supplies)
Power supplies and custom docking stations.
EMCO High Voltage Corporation
Design and manufacturer DC to high voltage DC converters, power supplies, and accessories. (supporter)
ETRI, Inc.
Power supplies and fans (keyed as thermal).
On-line-configurable power supplies.
eXtreme PC Gear
Vendor of Computer PC power supplies. (supporter)
Fairchild Semiconductor
A global supplier of semiconductors for power analog, power discrete, and optoelectronic components.
Flat Transformer Technology Corporation
Low profile transformers for high frequency and high current power converters (magnetics).
Gamatronic Electronic Industries LTD
UPS systems, power systems, DC to AC inverters (power supplies), line voltage stabilizers, frequency changers, battery chargers, and more.
General Semiconductor
Semiconductors including transient voltage suppressors, zeners, rectifiers, and small signal transistors and diodes.
Glassman High Voltage, Inc.
High voltage power supplies.
Gowanda Electronics
Gowanda Electronics is a manufacture of inductors and related magnetics.
Group Arnold
One of the largest magnetics material manufacturers in the world. Website includes lists of magnetic companies, consultants, software, application notes, related websites, classes, and much more.
HDL Research Lab, Inc.
Switchmode and Linear power supplies including AC-DC / DC-DC / DC-AC / AC-AC converters and custom design.
High Voltage Power Systems, Inc
High voltage power supplies and systems. (supporter)
Holland Shielding Systems BV
Manufacturer of EMI shielding gaskets and other HF shielding products.
ICE Components, Inc.
Standard and custom magnetics.
IPD International Power Devices
DC to DC converters (power supplies)
International Rectifier
Semiconductors including power MOFETS, Schottky diodes, etc., including rad hard parts (search on rad hard)
Semiconductors including power MOSFETS, IGBT's, high speed rectifiers, drivers, power management, etc. Also a line of rad hard parts.
Simulation software for analog, power, including power supplies, mixed signal circuits, magnetics, and filters. (supporter)
Isotek Corporation
Precision, power, and current sensing resistors. Also reed relays and meters. (passive)
ITW / Paktron
Film capacitors.
IXYS Corporation
Semiconductors including power MOSFETS, IGBT, Schottky diodes, power modules, etc.
Jerome Industries Corporation
Design and manufacturing of external switchmode power supplies (power adapters) for mission critical systems such as medical electronics and communications systems.
Consulting and Seminar Services in Power Electronics and Engineering Management by Jonathan R. Wood, Ph. D.
KB Electronics, Inc.
Variable frequency drives, automation and control, variable speed ac and dc motor controls, and fan controls (thermal). (supporter)
Keltec Operations, Signal Technology Corporation
High and low voltage power supplies, DC-DC Converters, amplifiers and transmitters.
This venerable post-World-War-II name in power supplies is now owned by Invensys plc which has four entities using the name. Combined they are one of the world's largest manufacturers of power supplies, if not the largest. The entities are listed below:
Lambda Americas
The worlds leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom high power programmable switchmode DC and capacitor charging power supplies. Known as the high power division.
Lambda (Low Power Division)
The low power division of the Lambda power supplies complex
Lambda Europe
The European portion of the Lambda power supplies complex.
The Japanese portion of the Lambda power supplies complex.
Current and voltage sensors and transducers
Linear Technology
Semiconductors including: voltage regulators, power management devices, references, comparators, switched-capacitor filters, pulse-width modulators, sample-hold devices, and much more.
Lodestone Pacific
Magnetics. Cores, mounts, etc.
Magnetics, Division of Spang & Company
Magnetics. Cores
Maxim Integrated Products - (MXIM)
Analog, mixed-signal, rf, and fiber ICs from DC to GHz, including power supplies, power management, and semiconductors. (supporter)
Magsoft Corporation
Simulation software for magnetics and electromagnetic fields.
Mentor Graphics - (MENT)
Design and simulation software tools. (supporter)
MetGlass® (Honeywell)
Magnetics: Amorphous metal ribbon (MetGlass®) for cores for transformers, inductors, and other components.
Methode Electronics
Laminated buss bars (connectors) and other products
Microenergy, Inc.
Power supplies
Micro Hybrids, Inc.
Hybrid microcircuit design and manufacturing including manufacturer of power semiconductor networks.
Magnetics. Powdered iron cores
Microsemi Corporation
Semiconductors: Microsemi is a network of technology companies that manufacture power management, RF/microwave & opto, transient protection, and power conditioning products.
Mitchell Electronics Corporation
Magnetics: Custom transformers and custom and standard inductors.
Most power supply components are at On Semiconductors, formerly a division of Motorola.
N2Power, Inc.
High efficiency, ultra-small switch mode power supplies for Internet and Telecom infrastructures.
National Dynamic Electronics
Research, development and manufacture of electronic power supplies, Inverters, UPS, DC converters and regulated battery chargers.
National Semiconductor
Semiconductors for analog and power supplies. Power forum, simulation tools, and seminars (classes).
New England Electric Wire Corporation
Wire. (Keyed as connectors)
NF Corporation
Power amplifiers, power supplies, and test equipment, including Frequency Response Analyzers.
Norwe, Inc.
Manufacture of standard and custom bobbins for magnetics (passive).
Omron Corporation
Industrial Automation products including power supplies. (supporter)
On Semiconductor
Formerly a division of Motorola. Wide variety of Semiconductors for power electronics design including Bipolar transistors, TMOS Power MOSFET transistors, Rectifiers, Thyristors, IGBTs, Zener Diodes, TVS (transient voltage suppressors) devices and integrated circuits for power supply and motor control applications including voltage regulators, PWM controllers, etc. They also have sponsored a series of power supply seminars
Overseas Electronics
Voltage converters and electronics that work on U.S.A and overseas voltage sources. Keyed on transformer, power supplies and (supporter)
PCIM Magazine
Publication. Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion Magazine. Contains discussion forum.
Power Clinic Inc.
Power supply repair and related consulting.
Power supplies, design, consulting, manufacturing, kits.
Powerstar, Inc.
Uninterruptable Power Supplies and transformers (UPS, magnetics)
Power Quality Magazine
Publication. Power Quality Magazine. Contains discussion forum.
Philips Semiconductors
Variety of semiconductors products including integrated power devices.
Private labeled, modified standard, and custom power supplies and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).
Power Design Tools
Simulation software for switch-mode power supplies and transformers. Home of Simplis.
Custom and standard power semiconductors and intelligent modules
Power Integrations
High voltage integrated circuit semiconductors for power electronics.
Power Monitors Inc.
Test equipment to monitor the quality of power.
Power One
Power supplies. Website includes application notes of interest to power supply circuit designers.
Power Supply Depot
Suppliers of industrial power supplies. (supporter)
Preston Consulting LTD
EMI and power electronic design including ready-to-manufacture OEM designs and specialist EMC problem solving services. Products include power supplies and dc-ac inverters.
Quantum Power Labs
Power supplies. Very nice web site with power supply glossary.
Rainbow Electronics
Distributor for electronic hardware and components including fasteners, PCB components, terminal lugs, cable ties, hardware and electronic parts, and machined parts.
Raytheon Company
Big company. Use search engine on their home page to explore site.
Recom International Power, GmbH
DC-DC Converters and other power supplies. (supporter)
Ridley Engineering, Inc.
Frequency response test equipment, power supply design and simulation software, classes, and consulting related to power supply design and magnetics. (supporter)
RSG Electronic Components, GmbH
Distributor and manufacturer (manufacturing) of power supplies. (supporter)
Saftronics Inc.
Solid state motor controls, variable frequency inverters and drives, and custom engineered systems using these products. Keywords: power supplies, (supporter).
Power semiconductors in power modules
SB Electronics
Designs and manufactures film capacitors. A former Sprague Electric company.
Schaffner EMC, Inc.
EMI suppression components and EMC and power supply test equipment.
Power semiconductors
A high reliability manufacturer and supplier of semiconductors for military, industrial, and commercial applications.
Semtech Corporation
Semiconductors, including dc/dc converters, PWM controllers, battery chargers, MOSFET drivers, etc.
Sensitron Semiconductor
Semiconductors including power and power modules
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Inc.
Semiconductors. Many products, use search engine on their site.
Shenzhen Advanced Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
UPS and batteries.
Shenzhen WATT Electronics Co., Ltd.
Custom design, manufacturing and testing of power supplies and magnetics.
Shindengen America
Power semiconductors and power supplies
Siemens Microelectronics, Inc.
Power semiconductors, magnetics, power supplies and UPS.
Signal Technology Corporation
See Keltec Operations, Signal Technology Corporation
Signal Transformer
Signal Transformer provides standard and custom transformer and inductor designs including planar magnetics.
Sinclair Manufacturing
Hermetic power packages
Skyline Technology Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Skynet Electronics
Design and manufacturer of AC to DC and DC to DC power supplies.
SMPS Power Supplies, Inc.
SMPS switch mode power supplies design (consulting), databases, SPICE simulation.
Ferrite materials (magnetics)
Suntan Technology Company, Limited
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Large selections of new and surplus electronic parts including power supplies, passive components, magnetics, capacitors, cables, connectors, EMI filters, semiconductors, sensors, test equipment, heatsinks, and other thermal items.
Switching Power, Inc.
Switch mode power supplies
SynQor manufactures high efficiency, isolated, dc/dc converters that do not require heatsinks. (power supplies)
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Semiconductors including analog and mixed signal devices, power management, controllers, etc. Acquired Unitrode.
Thermacore, Inc.
Heat pipes (thermal)
Thermalloy, Inc.
Thermal management including heat sinks.
Thompson Consulting, Inc.
Prof. Marc T. Thompson's impressive consulting, design, and teaching (classes) experience in power electronics and analog design.
Toko American, Inc.
Power supplies, semiconductors, and magnetics
Torex Semiconductor
Semiconductors; supplier of switching and linear power management chips.
Toroidal Scientific Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of toroidal magnetics.
Total Power
European design centre of custom made switch-mode power supplies and standard products.
Triphase Technologies
Power supplies, dc-dc converters, battery chargers, inverters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), and custom design (consulting).
TSC Ferrite International Company
Magnetics - cores.
TVS Electronics Limited
Power supplies, UPS, and custom design.
UltraVolt, Inc.
High voltage power supplies. (supporter)
Unitrode Corporation
Now part of Texas Instruments. Semiconductors. Analog, linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits primarily for the power electronics industry. Classes.
Vacuumschmelze GmbH
Magnetics. Magnetic core and shielding materials, transformers, inductors.
Venable Industries, Inc.
Test equipment and simulation software. Frequency response analysis systems and software for stability analysis and measurements. Consulting and classes.
Vicor Corporation
Design and manufacturing of power supplies including DC-DC and AC-DC converters, power modules, and military power solutions used primarily by electronic OEMs.
Semiconductors and one of the worlds largest manufacturer of passive components including capacitors, resistors, and magnetics. Brand names include Dale, Siliconix, Sprague, Ultronix, and dozens of others.
Voltage Converter Transformers
Distributors of electronic goods including voltage transformers, voltage converters, voltage stabilizer, plug Adapters etc. (Note: No mailing address on website. 2/15/04) Keyed with: magnetics, (supporter)
Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
Semiconductors and power supplies. Voltage multipliers and high and low voltage rectifiers. (supporter)
Wakefield Engineering, Inc.
Thermal management. Heat sinks.
West Coast Magnetics
Standard and custom magnetics for switching-mode designs.
Wirebenders Inc.
Custom magnetics primarily for avionics, military, space, medical, and instrumentation customers.
YUMUY World Trading Co. Ltd.

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