Sponsorship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about being a SMPS Technology Knowledge Base sponsor.

Former Sponsor Business Model

We accepted our first sponsor July 2000, but shortly determined we would abandon it when the contracts for the current sponsors expired. We ended the sponsorship business model September 30, 2002 when this occurred. Although a successful business model, we abandoned it for multiple reasons. This page is the FAQ we used.

What is the Benefit of Sponsorship?

Highly focused exposure to power supply circuit designers who design in tens of billions of dollars of product every year. [1]

What is Unique About the SMPS Technology Website?

A website that serves only one demographic -- power supply circuit designers.

A unique format for problem solving that can lead the circuit designer to specific products that can solve his problems -- at the critical decision time when he/she is selecting design approaches and components.

In depth knowledge of power supply designers needs and how to meet them. The author of the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base has over 40 years experience with the power supply circuit designer demographic -- ranging from power supply circuit designer, to Vice President of Engineering of a Fortune 500 company, to President of his own company, providing technical and management services in the field of switching-mode power supplies.

Good market penetration as determined by our website statistics.

What Others Think

The trade press has been kind to us. Electronic Engineering Times has listed us as one of seven web resources on switching power supplies (November 23, 1998, pp. 61-80). EDN Magazine provides two links on their website to our website that are effective in driving traffic to our site.

But more important is the opinion of the power supply designers we serve. We cherish comments such as:

"I'm impressed! It seems I found just the right person to ask. I will make a note of your web pages as a primary reference site for SMPS design. Please keep up the good work!"

"I discovered your web page last week and I am very impressed with it. I think this is a great contribution to the industry in general and working engineers as a group."

"I went to [smpstech.com] to look at the latest addition. I found myself following link after link. I think the combination of interesting material and good presentation drew me in."

Read more of what others have to say.

Why Change to Sponsorship Model?

Since November 1995 this website has been maintained as a public service. Increasing costs made it desirable to seek financial sponsorship in 1999. Sponsorship is by invitation but it is open for discussion. We accepted our first sponsor July 2000 and we ended sponsorships September 30, 2002.

Who Are We?

SMPS Technology has served the needs of the power supply industry since 1981. Jerrold Foutz, author and webmaster of the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base Website, is co-owner of SMPS Technology along with his wife. He has over 40 years experience in the design and application of switching-mode power supplies.

About Jerrold Foutz
About SMPS Technology

Contact Information.
Jerrold Foutz, Co-Owner
SMPS Technology
6233 Callaway Place
Alta Loma, CA 91737


[1] Market Size: The Darnell Group specializes in marketing reports for the power electronics industry. Information supporting this FAQ was taken from the following abstracts.

Author: Jerrold Foutz, j.foutz@smpstech.com
Original: August 30, 1999, revised July 28, 2003