SMPS Technology Power Supply Design Search Tips

Tips for searching the SMPS Technology Website of Power Supply Design Information.

The SMPS Technology website contains the powerful AtomzTM search engine. By typing the search terms in the search box on the home page or in the above box you can find web pages containing the search word or phrase.

A word of caution. The search takes you to the top of the web page. To find the search word or phrase in the file you will need to use the "find in page" feature of your browser.

Here are some examples:


finds modeling, Modeling, MODELING, etc. (ignores case)
modelling modeling
finds words with both English or American spellings
finds only words with first letter capitalized - as in a title.
filter design
finds all pages with the word filter or design
"filter design"
finds the exact phrase "filter design"
+simulation -SPICE
Must contain simulation and must not contain SPICE

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Original: August 25, 1999, revised September 27, 2003