Line, Load, and Reference Transient Measurement

DESIGN PHASE:       measurement
SUB ELEMENT NAME:   photo measurements - 
                    line, load, and reference transient measurement
APPLICABILITY:      feedback circuit or filter circuit

ACTIVITY:  Measure (take oscilloscope photographs) of step 
response and impulse response on all inputs (voltage stimuli, 
nominal to maximum and nominal to minimum and Mil-Std-461 CS06 if 
applicable) and step response on outputs (load stimuli, half load 
to full load, half load to no load, and +/- 10% at 90%, 50%, and 
10% load) and step response on reference (square wave injected 
across reference diode or reference input with any filtering 
capacitors removed).

OUTPUT:  Labeled photographs in laboratory notebook for 
comparison to specifications and results of transient analysis 
(usually Spice plots under same conditions).


[HEMTL] =       engineer hours for feedback circuit transient response
[HTMTL] =       technician hours for feedback circuit transient response
0.0*(           hours per measurement
[INPUT COUNT]*  number of inputs
2 +             multiplier for step and input responses
[OUTPUT COUNT]+ number of outputs
1)              number of reference input measurements


Author: Jerrold Foutz,

Original: Foutz, J., Power Supply Circuit Development Estimating Aid - An Expert System Application, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference Record, New Orleans, February 1-5, 1988. Revised 25 February 2001