Concept Design Review

DESIGN PHASE:       preliminary design
SUB ELEMENT NAME:   concept design review
APPLICABILITY:      all circuits

ACTIVITY: Prepare viewgraphs and pass out package for conceptual
design review, determine attendance list, schedule room, and
conduct design review of requirements and conceptual circuit
design that meets the requirements.

OUTPUT: Design review meeting and minutes in report form.


[HEPCDR] =          engineer hours for conceptual design review
0.0+                set up time
0.0*                time per part
[PARTS COUNT]+      circuit parts count
0.0*(               time per input / output
[INPUT COUNT]+      input count
[OUTPUT COUNT])     output count


The design review is meant to find and correct problems with the
requirements and the concept before the design proceeds farther.
It also serves the function of making sure the design engineer
understands the requirements before proceeding and educating
those needing a knowledge of the circuit such as test
engineering, reliability and maintainability engineers, component
engineers, engineers designing interfacing circuits, etc.  The
design review meeting is estimated to take one hour.

Author: Jerrold Foutz,

Original: Foutz, J., Power Supply Circuit Development Estimating Aid - An Expert System Application, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference Record, New Orleans, February 1-5, 1988. Revised 26 February 2001