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Unsolicited email quotes from readers of the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base website on switching-mode power supply design.

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Compliments on the SMPS Technology website are included in much of our email. These compliments have encouraged us to keep working to expand and improve the website. We would like to share some with you. Privacy of the writer is preserved by giving only the date of the email.



"I am very impressed with your website tutorial on Switched Mode Power Supplies. It is most informative and very easy to follow. I look forward to reading more!!" 21 Nov 1999

"What a great site -- and I'm not just saying that because I have a perplexing problem..." 10 Nov 1999

"Thank you for your quick response. All help is appreciated and your answers have given me some insight as to some courses of action to take. ... It is refreshing to talk to someone who has a manufacturing and research background. The [deleted] field engineer has helped me little. All the fixes I have tried to implement that he has given me just blow up the supply. ... Thank you again." 16 Oct 1999

"From a new engineer trying to learn about real circuits and not fake textbook theory. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!!!! Looking forward to reading the next section on your tutorial." 04 Oct 1999

"I went to [smpstech.com] to look at the latest addition. I found myself following link after link. I think the combination of interesting material and good presentation drew me in." 30 Sep 1999

"Your page is great, it's really giving me a kick start. ... Thanks again for a great site." 14 Sep 1999

"I have come across the SMPS site and am impressed. ... Once again I wish you the very best for designing and keeping the site updated." 26 Aug 1999

"I'm impressed! It seems I found just the right person to ask. I will make a note of your web pages as a primary reference site for SMPS design. Please keep up the good work!" 22 Aug 1999

"In my quest for... I came to your Web page, which I have found very valuable." 21 Aug 1999

"...your site looks like an excellent resource!" 18 Aug 1999

"My compliments on a very nice website." 15 Aug 1999

"I found your web-site very interesting and had a question..." 13 Aug 1999

"I found your www-page on SMPS books...Thank you for your page and your time." 10 Aug 1999

"Nice site, it has been quite helpful for a hobby project I'm doing." 08 Aug 1999

"I was interested and impressed with your website and the power supply section in particular. ... Certainly I think the website is an excellent service to your readers on a subject which does not get enough coverage in most places." 19 Jul 1999

"I just found your web-site. Very nice compilation of material and you certainly get extra credit for several years of sustained activity." 07 Jul 1999

"Thank you for your reply. You're really a switching power supply engineer. I study switching power supplies only from books, and I realize that I need such a person with wide knowledge like your self, for asking information that any book never covers." 30 May 1999

"I read your short bio and found a sympatico, kindred, whatever-you-name-it soul within this hallowed website." 24 May 1999

"I discovered your web page last week and I am very impressed with it. I think this is a great contribution to the industry in general and working engineers as a group." 30 Apr 1999

"I find the information in your web site both interesting and informative. Thank you for making it available to the public." 6 Apr 1999

"Thanks a lot for the beautiful website....smpstech, great material." 14 Jan 1999

"Interesting web site and impressive background." 07 Jan 1999

"I am very impressed by the useful and practical information in your switching power supply website. Hopefully, you'll be adding further discussions in the future." 06 Jan 1999

"Congratulations on an excellent website. I found it very helpful in getting additional information on switchmode power supplies". 04 Jan 1999



"I came across your interesting web site after reading an article in EET." [Electronic Engineering Times, November 23, 1998, pages 61-80, listed this website as one of seven web resources on switching power supplies.] 01 Dec 1998

"Being involved with electronic equipment design 90% of my job consists in doing design review on designs made by others. As you can imagine I have found your web site interesting (I think it is the best one on the argument) and I want to say thank you very much for your job and for your willingness in sharing it on the web." 13 Oct 1998

"I sincerely express my gratitude for such a descriptive website launched by you." 09 Oct 1998

"I found your web site during a search for topics on a switching design. I would like to thank you for your effort in posting and maintaining such a site. I also appreciate your approach to problem solving. I'm somewhat familiar with TA, but never thought about applying it to engineering problem solving. Great idea!" 8 Sep 1998

"Thank you for your web page. There is a lot of information there. The nature of my job doesn't allow me to spend a lot of time in one area. That may sound like an excuse, but there is a total lack of expertise in this area, within my group." 24 Aug 1998

"Thanks for your web page. The lessons learned section needs to be emulated by more in our field." 12 Aug 1998

"I just came across your web site today after seeing the link from ... . REALLY NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the only other power supply designer who I have ever known who would seriously consider chaos as part of the power supply instability problem!! ... Bravo on bringing this idea to the forefront. I have been preaching this concept to mostly deaf ears for years." 11 Jul 1998

"From reading the excellent material available from your site I can appreciate that it's not such a straight forward task as just calculating theoretical values!" [New graduate starting his first design] 27 July 1998

"Hi, I found your web page while browsing. Very impressive. I manage the Power group at..." 14 Jun 1998

"Your web site is looking great!" 04 May 1998

"Thank you for your excellent site for Switching-Mode Power Supply Design!" 03 May 1998

"I was looking over your website. Nice work." 27 Apr 1998

"I found your site very interesting." 11 Apr 1998

"I 'stumbled' onto your site today and found the 'lessons learned' section interesting and entertaining..." 31 Mar 1998

"Speaking of well designed sites, look at your own... nice job." 09 February 1998

"I found your site interesting as I am starting to get involved with SMPS design, but I cannot specialize properly as I also have to be a reasonable RF engineer, logic designer, software engineer and service engineer, so your perspective is invaluable." 9 Jan 1998



"I have visited your site and liked it very much!" 17 December 1997

"Thank you for your problem solving page. I am currently writing a book on a method of solving people problems. I was looking for the term Berne used to describe games - it slipped my memory - but I did find your page. Good work." 30 Oct 1997

"Very interesting tour of your home page." 20 Oct 1997

"A couple of days ago I discovered your home page for switch mode power supply and I like it." 10 Oct 97

"I have read your materials on the web and I found most of it very interesting." 30 Sep 1997

"I have just found your Web site. Very good! Thanks for citing some of my papers..." 19 Sep 1997

"Thanks for giving me the meaning about switch mode dc power supplies." 16 Sep 1997

"I am presently working with ... as an R&D engineer for telecom power supplies. On the internet I visited your pages and found them very interesting." 28 Jul 1997

"I just found this website...great job!" 17 Jul 1997

"I am an electronics hobbyist and came across your excellent web page on switch mode power supply design. I just wanted to say thanks, not for the technical info (although that was very good) but for including your life's lessons - the world could use many more people with your wisdom. I think I found something there of great value." 06 Jun 1997

"Maybe It's not your intention to solve smps-related problems for others. But as an admirer of your homepage, I thought that I could always try." 5 May 1997

"I have been doing more work on knowledge databases, and continue to find your papers valuable." 2 May 1997

"I must compliment you on your hypertext on switching power supplies. I am an analog designer with 20 years experience but I am just beginning to design switching supplies. I have read a few texts on the subject, but always felt something was missing. ... The information in your page is exactly what is *not* in the textbooks. For instance, the statement: 'It has been found that there is a positive correlation between field reliability and circuits so designed, even if they are never exposed to ionizing radiation.' is incredibly valuable!" 07 Apr 1997

"I am a Ph.D. candidate at ... and plan to graduate in August, with the Ph.D. thesis ... The articles in your homepage motivates/helps me a lot." 27 Mar 1997

"In SMPS terms, I'm still a 'newbie' because I've only two years experience in SMPS design. But I often visit your website to study the different topics, and they are very instructive." 5 Mar 1997

"I love your home page. It is very attractive. I am an accelerator physicist. I am also engaged in accelerator power supply technology as well as magnet and beam dynamics, FEL etc. This is the reason I stopped at your site. I like to stop at your site now and then and like to read your various knowledge and tricks." 28 Feb 1997

"Just wanted to compliment you on your web site. Not only is the content excellent but the organization is clean so it is easy to get to the information." 26 Feb 1997

"Very, very interesting information." 23 Feb 1997

"I am a graduate student at ....I read your pages about power electronics, they are very great and I like them very much." 18 Feb 1997

"I had a chance to look at your web site and it is put together nicely." 28 Jan 1997

"As a SMPS designer I like your website very much. It contains good and useful information. I hope you will continue updating this site with new information." 27 Jan 1997

"I have read some of your comments on SMPS; very interesting." 23 Jan 1997

"Thanks, you have a great website on power electronics. Please keep me updated on your current updates (e-mail list). I am a Power Systems Design/Applications Engineer at .... My job includes designing reference designs for low voltage applications, and to help define the required power semiconductors for the specific application. I've found your website very informative and helpful." 23 Jan 1997



"Your SMPS homepage is great! We all find it very interesting and useful." 20 Dec 1996

"Have just seen your power electronics WWW page. Contains some very interesting stuff." 17 Sep 1996

"And CONGRATS on a great personal web site. It will be a tough act for others to follow!" 23 Aug 1996

"Your page is very interesting, with much useful information. Congratulations!" 17 Aug 1996

"I have recently been navigating through your Web page and I found it very attractive!" 30 Jul 1996

"I was reading the information and it is great." 20 Jul 1996

"I really want to thank you for all the information you give in your pages on the net. It has been very useful for making some ideas clear." 07 Jun 1996

"The secret of success in this industry is knowing whether a paper belongs in this library [Library of Useless Power Electronics papers] or the Useful one, not always easy to ascertain." 24 May 1996

"I think your page is a great idea. You beat me to the punch in getting a helpful website like this up and running." 21 May 1996

"WOW... Like your writing... You amaze me with your productivity. Thanks for offering your personal insights. Most of the time, people's sites are dull treacle, or just inanely unfunny. Not so yours." 16 April 1996

"... just gave me the URL for your website. I think it is great. I considered you to be a fountain of knowledge..." 13 March 1996

A computer crash sent previous emails (from November 1995) to oblivion.

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