SMPS Technology Newsletter 013

Power Supply Circuit Design Subelement Task Descriptions
From: Jerrold Foutz 
Subject: Power Supply Circuit Design Subelement Task Descriptions
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:11:08 -0800
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SMPS Technology Newsletter 013

Supply Circuit Design Subelement Task Descriptions to the 

These are an expansion of the power supply design work-plan 
subelements in the paper *Power Supply Circuit Development 
Estimating Aid - An Expert System Application*.

Besides their use in estimating the cost of doing circuit 
design, they can be used as a tutorial in how to design 
power supplies. In fact, it was a question on how you learn 
to be a professional power supply circuit designer that 
prompted me to put these subelements on the website. They 
give some insight in what is involved in testing and 
analyzing a circuit design to ensure maximum field 

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