SMPS Technology Newsletter 004

Underestimating the complexity of power supply design.
       Jerrold Foutz
       September 29, 1999 12:01 PDT
       Underestimating Complexity of Power Supply Design

SMPS Technology Newsletter 004

 new problem was inspired by an email I received in February 
 from a student who was trying to justify power supplies to 
 their faculty advisor as a topic for a Master's Thesis. The 
 advisor thought it was too simple a topic. I replied that 
 engineering schools such as MIT and Caltech thought they 
 were worthy of both Master and Doctorate research and
 provided additional supporting information, including posting
 an early version of this problem as a hidden file on the 
 website. In a reply, the student said the advisor had accepted
 the student's proposed topic. This problem has now been added 
 to the website at 

ACCESSIBILITY: All pages of the website have now been updated
 for better accessibility (handicapped, audio browsers, etc.)
 and faster loading.

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