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New Content 09/19/2003

Book List 09/19/2003

Updating this popular book list is my first priority. The last Library of Congress Update was February 28, 1999 although many books have been added in the interim. For the last several weeks I have been adding books on an almost daily basis, many not yet in the Library of Congress. By early October I hope to have it fully updated to both the Library of Congress Catalog and the current listings of most power electronics publishers. It has been I lot of work (authors have been very busy in the last couple of years) and I hope to never again get this far behind.

Problem Menu 09/19/2003

The menu has been updated to show various problems that I have in work. The next problem that will be completed is "Entrainment" where switching frequency can latch onto a variable load or noise frequency, often with detrimental results. This important problem has been little discussed in the literature and I'm at the point where I need to complete it to continue with my Switching-Mode Power Supply Tutorial. I want to show the problem using a Spice simulation of a Buck Converter with bang-bang control. If I get the simulation correct, the results should convince any skeptics that entrainment is a serious problem that needs to be considered in every switching-mode power supply design.

Donations 09/19/2003

There are some conference proceedings you might thinking of throwing out that I could use to help support this website. Also, don't forget that all information annealing is appreciated.

Change in Business Model 09/19/2003

After almost two years of off-and-on neglect due to a heavy consulting work load, this website is active again. For now I have retired from consulting to spend most my time on the website.

The first order of business was to change the business model of the website from a sponsorship model to an advertising model.

The arrangements with our sponsors, Ridley Engineering and Intusoft, were reluctantly ended. Their support to this website over the last couple of years was greatly appreciated.

Google's programs were selected as the advertising mechanism. Google's AdSense program links websites rich in content to advertisers with an interest in reaching the readers of that content. The advertisers use Google's AdWords program to gain access.

Google has strict requirements on participating websites, and couple of weeks were spent in cleaning up the website to qualify for AdSense. On August 7, 2003 we became part of this prestigious program, being approved a few hours after applying.

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