Latchup on Turn-On - Timeline of Key Papers

Timeline of key papers for Latchup on Turn-On of a switching-mode power supply.

1978 - [LEVY78A]

Aron Levy of Technology Dynamics discusses latchup on turn-on from a current limited source as one of many turn-on/turn-off problems associated with switching-mode power supplies.

1979 - [WILS79A]

Thomas G. Wilson, Jr. of Bell Laboratories presents an analysis technique for investigating startup characteristics of switching-mode power supplies from current limited sources and illustrates the latchup problem for high impedance sources and current limited sources, including fold-back current limiting. Methods of modifying the startup trajectory to avoid latchup are discussed.

1981 - [HARA81C]

K. Harada and T. Nabeshima of Kyushu University, Japan, develop large signal equations to predict the inrush input current and overshoot output voltage of a buck converter during the startup.

1981 - [WILS81A]

Thomas G. Wilson, Jr.'s 1979 PESC paper updated and republished in the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Transactions.

1983 - [PILU83A]

Raymond W. Pilukaitis and Thomas G. Wilson, Jr. of Bell Laboratories review the techniques developed earlier by Wilson and apply them to an adaptive start-up control that overcomes some shortcomings of previous solutions.

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