Switching Mode Power Supply Expert System

An expert system for identifying switching-mode power supply single-inductor two-state converter topologies.


This expert system identifies the seven known single-inductor two-state converters by knowing the voltage across the energy transfer inductor in two states, when it is absorbing energy from the source, and when it is delivering energy to the load.


The procedure is based on a classification method developed by R. W. Erickson in his 1983 PESC paper, Synthesis of Switched-Mode Converters, which can be downloaded in PDF format at Publications of the Colorado Power Electronics Center. The identification criteria was implemented using expert systems as described by Jerrold Foutz in Expert Systems - The Next Computer Aid for Power Supply Designers and The Use of Expert System Shells for Developing Design Aids for Power Supply Circuit Designers.


Examine the schematic and determine the voltage across the energy transfer inductor when it is receiving energy from the source, called the State 1 Voltage, and when it is delivering energy to the output, called the State 2 Voltage.

The source voltage is Vs and the load or output voltage is Vo.

Identification Expert System

Run expert system to identify single-inductor two-state converters.

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