Power Electronics Books - V

Abstracts of books starting with V in the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base of Switching-Mode Power Supply Design.

Vance, E. F., Coupling to Shielded Cables, Wiley, 1978, reprinted by Robert E. Krieger Publishing Co., Melbourne, FL, 1987. 194 p.

Reference work on cable shielding and cable-to-cable coupling integrating theoretical and measurement papers on the subject. Topics include interference coupling through cables, wave interaction with the soil, current induced on above ground cables, buried cable, and coupling through cable shield. Mathematical treatment through calculus.

Vorpérian, Vatché, Fast analytical techniques for electrical and electronic circuits, Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. xiii, 476 p.

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Virginia Power Electronics Center (VPEC), VPEC Books, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.

VPEC Books is a series of volumes that consolidate the vast amount of information generated and reported by VPEC in numerous conferences proceedings, technical journals, and trade magazines.

Volume I: High-Frequency Resonant, Quasi-Resonant, and Multi-Resonant Converters, Fred C. Lee (editor), 1989.

Volume II: Modeling, Analysis, and Design of PWM Converters, Fred C. Lee (editor),

Volume III: Power Devices and Their Applications, Fred C. Lee and Dan Y. Chen (editors)

Volume IV: High-Frequency Resonant and Soft-Switching PWM Converters, Fred C. Lee (editor),

Volume V: Switching Rectifiers for Power Factor Correction, Fred C. Lee, and Dusan Borojevic, (editors)

Volume VI: Power Electronics Components and Circuit Modeling and Analysis, Fred C. Lee (editor)

Volume VII: Advanced Power Conversion Techniques, Fred C. Lee and Dusan Borojevic (editors)

Volume VIII: Converters and Distributed Power Systems, Fred C. Lee (editor)

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