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Abstracts of books starting with T in the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base of Switching-Mode Power Supply Design.

Taraseiskey, Haim, Power Hybrid Circuit Design and Manufacture, Marcel Dekker, NY, 1996. 344 p.

(Publisher's description.) This reference discusses the fundamental design principles, capabilities, and applications of power hybrid microcircuits and modules. Topics include: Hybrid microcircuit technology; components parts; materials; power hybrid design thermal management and control; manufacturing; applications; glossary; and unit conversion tables.

Tarter, Ralph E., Principles of Solid-State Power Conversion, H. W. Sams, 1985. 592 p.

The purpose of this book is to assemble, in one place, the comprehensive tools necessary to meet the growing demands placed on solid-state power conversion equipment. Topics include: transient analysis, circuit analysis, and waveforms; semiconductors, resistors, and capacitors; transformers, inductors, and conductors; rectifiers and filters; phase-control circuits; transistor inverters; thyristor inverters; switching regulators; dc-dc converters; protection and safety; electromagnetic compatibility and grounding; semiconductor and equipment cooling; reliability and quality; regulated power supplies; and uninterruptable power systems.

Tarter, Ralph E., Solid-State Power Conversion Handbook, Wiley, 1993. 736 p.

Applications oriented. Topics include: Transient Analysis, Circuit Analysis, and Waveforms, Semiconductors, Resistors, and Capacitors, Transformers, Inductors, and Conductors, Rectifiers and Filters, Phase Control Circuits, Transistor Inverters, Thyristor Inverters, Switching Regulators, dc-dc Converters, Resonant Mode Converters,Modulator and Control Analysis, Pulse-Forming Networks and Modulators, Protection and Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Grounding, Semiconductor and Equipment Cooling, Reliability and Quality, Regulated Power Supplies, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Power Factor Correction, Glossary, and Index.

Thollot, Pierre A., (editor), Power Electronics Technology and Applications, IEEE Press, 1993. 429 p.

A collection of papers which consolidates outstanding papers presented at IEEE conferences. Topics include: power semiconductor technology (5 papers); high power converters (7 papers); developments in low power converters (5 papers); converter modeling and control (6 papers); electronic power systems in commercial applications (5 papers); telecommunications power systems (5 papers); motion control and servo drives (8 papers); and adjustable speed motor drives (6 papers).

Thorborg, Kjeld, Power Electronics, (English translation of Kraftelektronik), Prentice Hall, 1988. 504 p.

The book is primarily intended as a textbook for courses in power electronics at the university level and also for the continued education of engineers and teachers at colleges of technology. Topics include: introduction; electronic valves; commutation; line-commutated converters; load-commutated converters; self-commutated converters; dc converters; ac converters; electronic switches; control circuits; main circuit components; and filters.

Tihanyi, Laszio, EMC in Power Electronics, IEEE Press, 1995. IEEE PC3129-QBL. 416 p.

Key features include: summaries of theoretical problems; comparison of measurement methods; suppression of HF noises; design of noise filters; and solutions for electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS). Over 300 references. (Out of Print--Limited Availability)

Toliyat, Hamid A. and Steven Campbell, DSP-Based electromechanical motion control, Boca Raton, Fl.: CRC Press, 2003. p. 360.

DSP control of buck-boost converter and motors. Topics include: Introduction to the TMSLF2407 DSP Controller, C2xx DSP CPU and Instruction Set, General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Functionality, Interrupts on the TMS320LF2407, The Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), The Event Managers (EVA, EVB), DSP-Based Implementation of DC-DC Buck-Boost Converters, DSP-Based Control of Stepper Motors, DSP-BaseD Control of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Machines, Park and Clarke's Transformations, Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation, DSP-Based Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines, DSP-Based Vector Control of Induction Motors, DSP-Based Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives, DSP-Based Control of Matrix Converters, Appendix A: Induction Motor Simulation and Control using Software Packages.

Traister, R., Voltage Regulation Circuit Manual, Academic Press, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989, 152 p.

(Publisher's description) This is a cookbook of voltage regulation circuits built around commonly available IC's. An introductory chapter reviews basic voltage regulation theory and design criteria, followed by chapters devoted to specific voltage regulation applications, such as switching power supplies, flyback regulation, and voltage conversion. ... Includes data and circuit diagrams for: buck and boost regulators, overvoltage protection circuits, flyback regulators and converters, step-up and step-down regulators, diode protection for regulators, polarity inverters and voltage splitters, and many other useful circuits. Topics include: Voltage regulator design criteria; basic regulator circuits; workbench regulator circuits; switching power supplies; flyback regulator configurations; voltage conversion circuits; miscellaneous circuits; and appendices.

Trzynadlowski, Andrzej M., The Field Orientation Principle in Control of Induction Motors, Kluwer Academic Press, Hingham, MA., 1993. 255 p.

Written as a practical resource and reference for researchers and students interested in motor control, power and industrial electronics, and control theory. Topics include: Dynamic model of the induction motor; scalar control of induction motors; classic field orientation schemes; inverters; review of vector control systems; and a bibliography.

Trzynadlowski, Andrzej M., Introduction to Modern Power Electronics, New York: Wiley, c 1998. x, 433 p.

Written as a textbook for a one-semester senior undergraduate course. Topics include: Principles and Methods of Electric Power Conversion, Semiconductor Power Switches, Complementary Components and Systems, AC-to-DC Converters, AC-to-AC Converters, DC-to-DC Converters, DC-to-AC Converters, Switching Power Supplies, Appendices, and Index.

Tse, Chi Kong, Complex behavior of switching power converters, Boca Raton: CRC Press, c 2004. xv, 262 p.

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