Power Electronics Books - O

Abstracts of books starting with O in the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base of Switching-Mode Power Supply Design.

Ohshima, R. and Y. Akiyama (editors), Servo Sensors (Elements and Applications), Intertec Communications, 1988. 331 pages.

A collection of papers on servomechanisms. Topics include history of servomechanisms, elements of servo sensors, how to use rotating sensors, how to use linear sensors, how to use other types of sensors, relevant technologies, and mechanisms and characteristics of servos.

Ono, Eiichi., Introduction to Power Electronics, Oxford University Press, 1988. 290 p. English translation. First published 1984.

This book is planned to be an introductory course covering topics from the fundamental philosophy of power electronics to general applications. Topics include: what is power electronics; basic philosophy of power electronics; power semiconductor devices; basic power electronics circuits with dc sources; application to power supplies; application to electric power systems; and application to variable-speed drives.

Ott, H. W., Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems, 2nd Edition, Wiley, 1988. 462 p.

This updated and expanded version of the first edition covers the practical aspects of noise suppression and control in electronic circuits and is intended for the practicing engineer and as a text (contains problems and answers). Topics include: Cabling, grounding, balancing and filtering, passive components, shielding, contact protection, intrinsic noise sources, active device noise, digital circuit noise and layout, digital circuit radiation, electrostatic discharge, appendices, and Symbols.

Ozenbaugh, Richard Lee, EMI Filter Design, Marcel Dekker, 1996. 252 p.

Written as a guide for electrical and electronic, power supply design, systems, and radio and telecommunication engineers. Topics include: Why call EMI filters black magic; source impedances of various power lines; various ac load impedances; the dc circuit-load and source; typical EMI filters - pros and cons; differential mode components; common mode components; electromagnetic pulse and voltage transients; what compromises the filter; waves as noise sources; study of off-line regulator; initial filter design requirements; review of A matrices; filter design techniques; matrix applications; applications using round or square conducting rods; packaging information; questionable designs; review of filter design; glossary.

Ozenbaugh, Richard Lee, EMI Filter Design, 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. New York : Marcel Dekker, c 2001.

The Second Edition of EMI Filter Design is a reference for electrical and electronics, power supply design, systems, and radio and telecommunications engineers; and a text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines. Topics include: Why Call EMI Filters Black Magic; Common and Differential Mode-Definition, Cause, and Elimination; EMI Filter Source Impedance of Various Power Lines; The Various AC Load Impedances; DC Circuit-Load and Source; Typical EMI Filters-Pros and Cons; Filter Components-The Capacitor; Filter Components-The Inductor; Common Mode Components; The Transformer's Addition to the Filter; Electromagnetic Pulse and Voltage Transients; What Will Compromise the Filter?; Waves as Noise Sources; Study of the Off-line Regulator; Initial Filter Design Requirements; Matrices-Review of A Matrices; The Filter Design Technique; Matrix Applications; Applications Using Round or Square Conducting Rods; Packaging Information; Design Examples; Questionable Designs; and Review of Filter Design.

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