Power Electronics Books - J

Abstracts of books starting with J in the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base of Switching-Mode Power Supply Design.

Jacob, J. Michael, Power electronics: principles & applications, Albany: Delmar Thomson Learning, c 2002. xvii, 525 p.

"...intended to fill the gap between analog and electronics texts by addressing the issue of power in commercial, consumer, and industrial applications." (Book News, Inc.) Topics include: Advanced Operational Amplifier Principles, Op Amp Characteristics, Voltage Follower, Noninverting Amplifier, Inverting Amplifier, Universal Analysis Technique, Composite Amplifier, Suspended Supply Amplifier, Power Electronics Circuit Layout, Mechanical and Thermal Details, Part Placement, Interconnections, Power Parameter Calculations, Common Waveforms, Average Value, Root Mean Squared Value, Power, Linear Power Amplifier Integrated Circuits, OPA548 Power Op Amp, Power Calculations, Heat Sinks, Audio Power Parameters, Low Power Audio Amplifier IC, High Power Audio Amplifier IC, Discrete Linear Power Amplifiers, Enhancement Mode MOSFETs, Class A Operation, Class B Push Pull Amplifier, Class B Amplifier with an Op Amp Driver, Paralleling MOSFETs in Linear Applications, Amplifier Protection, Reactive Loads, Power Switches, Switch Characteristics, Parallel MOSFET Switches, Low Side Switches High Side Switches, MOSFET Switch Drivers, H Bridge, Switching Power Supplies, Buck Regulator Basics, LM2595 Simple Switcher ® Buck Regulator IC, Boost Regulators, LM2585 Simple Switcher ® Flyback Regulator IC, Flyback Regulator Basics, Line Voltage Input, Thyristors, Thyristor Device Characteristics, Snubbing, Triggers, Proportional Power, Power Conversion and Motor Driver Applications, DC to DC Conversion, AC to DC Single and Three Phase Conversion, DC to AC Inverter, DC Motor Drives, and AC Motor Drives.

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