Power Electronics Books - C

Abstracts of books starting with C in the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base of Switching-Mode Power Supply Design.

Chetty, P. R. K., Satellite Technology and Its Applications, TAB Books, 1988.

This book is the first attempt to concentrate on defining a satellite and its building blocks, describing each building block, and presenting some applications in detail for today and tomorrow. Also, this book illustrates the various design examples and provides formulas and data about satellite design. Topics include: Satellite technology building blocks; satellites and rockets, spacecraft structure, power systems; attitude control systems; telemetry, tracking, command, and communication system; propulsion system; thermal control system; mechanisms; spacecraft testing; reliability; applications of satellites; communication satellites; other examples and applications; appendix; and bibliography. [Still the best I have seen on satellite electrical power systems, perhaps because of Dr. Chetty's background in switching-mode power supply design. JF].

Chrysiss, G. C., High Frequency Switching Power Supplies: Theory and Design, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1989. 287p.

Step-by-step instruction to the theory and design of switching-mode power supplies (off-line PWM dc-dc converters). Topics include an overview, the input section, types of dc-dc converters, power transistors, high frequency power transformers, the output section, control circuits, peripheral circuits, stability, electromagnetic interference, and safety. Mathematical treatment is limited to algebraic formulas except for stability, which uses Laplace transforms.

Crandall, Earl, Power supply testing handbook : strategic approaches in test cost reduction, New York : Chapman & Hall, c1997. xv, 320 p.

A comprehensive handbook on power supply testing. Topics include: Introduction, safety information, product specifications, simulation, functional testing, qualification, pre-production testing, planning production testing, low-volume processes, medium-high volume processes, very-high volume processes, test process tools, choosing testers, choosing the right tests, component testing, module level testing, unit level testing, burn-in, quality, and reliability testing, repair options, and depot testing and repair,.

Crompton, T. R., Battery Reference Book, 2nd ed., Butterworth Heinemann, Mass., 1995. 752 p.

(Publisher's description) This reference work provides comprehensive coverage of all types of batteries currently being manufactured, ranging from minute button batteries to large installations weighing several hundred tons. ...it covers electrochemical theory as it applies to batteries; battery selection; theory, design, electrical and performance characteristics; applications of various types of batteries; theory and practice of battery charging; and information from battery manufacturers about the performance characteristics of the batteries they supply. Topics include more than 60 chapters.

Clark, James W., AC Power Conditioners, Academic Press, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989, 208pp.

(Publisher's description) This book describes the most common causes of RFI noise and surges on AC power lines as well as techniques of line isolation to combat them. Filtering methods to clean an AC input of transients are also covered. The theory of power line regulation is extensively discussed, with thorough coverage of linear and switching regulation circuits. Special attention is given to uninterruptible power systems and methods of assuring a continuous AC input even in the event of voltage reduction (brownout) or a sudden blackout. The book also includes original design equations and working circuit examples to provide all the tools needed to design a solution to critical AC power source requirements. Topics include: Introduction to power problems; noise and surge reduction; power line regulation; and blackout protection.

Cuk, Slobodan, and R. D. Middlebrook, Advances in Switched-Mode Power Conversion, Volume III, TESLAco, 1983. 353p. Available from TESLAco, #10 Mauchly, Irvine, CA 92718, Phone (714) 727-1960.

The third volume in the collected papers of the Power Electronics Group of the California Institute of Technology. See Middlebrook for first two volumes in the series. Papers titles are:

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