Power Electronics Book List

An introduction to a the SMPS Technology list of power electronics books, including those relevant to switching-mode power supply design.

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Introduction to Book List

The power electronics book list file is large, over 101 kilobytes, hence this introduction and size warning before you view the file. The large file facilitates finding books by author, title, subject, and contents by using the find-in-page feature of most browsers. It also makes the file easier to print.

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Scope of Book List

Switching-mode power supply design books (dc-to-dc converters and off-line converters) in English form the heart of the book list, although it has evolved to include almost any power electronics book in English. A few other electronic books are included, but conference proceedings are mostly excluded.

Updates to Book List

The power electronics book list is periodically checked against the Library of Congress online catalog and other sources, including feedback by viewers. The dates of the latest updates are at the beginning of the file. Starting with the February 1999 update, the format has shifted from the normal bibliography format to more of a Library of Congress format. This change was made to make it easier to eliminate redundant entries and keep track of editions.

Origin of Book List

The power electronics book list grew from a list of books in my personal professional library and a listing of books in local libraries. If I read or skimmed the book I annotated the list with author's rationale for writing the book and made a listing of main headings in the table-of-contents as topics. The list was made available to the IEEE Power Electronics Society, who combined it (no annotations) with a list from Thomas Lipo of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This combined list was released to Society members March 10, 1990. I have been keeping it updated on this website since then. If there is a link to an abstraction of the book it usually means I have at least skimmed the book.

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