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Power supply design is the center of SMPS Technology company history.

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Company History

SMPS Technology was founded in April 1981 and changed its name to SMPS Technology in 1983. It is presently in its Internet World-Wide Web (WWW) growth stage. Power supply circuit design and application has been the company focus since the beginning.

SMPS Technology currently can best be described as being in the business of providing content to power supply circuit designers via the World-Wide Web. This information is provided in a unique problem solving format. Previously our key strengths were in power electronics technical support and creating and marketing a problem-oriented data base of switching-mode power supply design literature.

From 1981 to 1983 SMPS Technology (then known as Foutz Engineering) provided technical support services in power electronics, primarily on USA Navy programs. Clients included:

From 1983 to 1993 SMPS Technology developed and marketed the inverted-file version of the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base, a problem oriented data base of power electronics literature searched by means of Boolean search logic. Customers included:

From 1994 to the present, SMPS Technology has been converting its SMPS Technology Knowledge Base from a Boolean search logic data base directed at finding multiple papers related to a power supply design problem to a hypertext version that discusses the problem, relevance, solvability, and solutions to the problem and gives pointers to a few of the best papers or resources for solving the problem. As indicated by what others say about the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base, the response has been excellent.

From 1994 through 2000 we also provided some technical support services in power electronics and hypertext and data-base systems. Clients included:

Since 1999, we have concentrated almost exclusively on the World-Wide Web version of the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base, whose conceptual origins date back to when Jerrold Foutz was Branch Head of the Power Electronics Branch of the Naval Ocean Systems Center, then the repository of the Navy's corporate knowledge on electronic power supplies.


Company Structure and Key Personnel

SMPS Technology is a husband and wife sole proprietary business, Jerrold and Dolores Foutz, doing business as SMPS Technology in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino County, California. We chose this business form to provide maximum flexibility in doing business and to minimize business costs.

Jerrold Foutz received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (Electronics Option) from the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA, and has 46 years experience with power supply design. He has been involved in hypertext systems since before the World-Wide Web, having developed networked hypertext systems serving thousands of employees at a Fortune-Fifty company. His primary responsibilities at SMPS Technology are planning, content, and marketing.

Dolores Foutz received her Bachelor of Music Education from Denver University with a major in music and a minor in English. She has a life-time teaching credential in the State of California and over 28 years experience in the education field. Her primary responsibilities at SMPS Technology are office manager, research, and editing.

SMPS Technology has no plans to add employees. Any expansion will be accomplished by using the variety of techniques used by virtual companies.


Contact Information

SMPS Technology
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Telephone: (909) 989-0487
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