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This site is dedicated to switching-mode power supply circuit designers. Here you will find solutions to the most difficult problems facing you as a power supply designer, a tutorial that places power supply design problems in context, and resources that aid in your power supply design tasks. If you are a first-time visitor you will want to read this page as an orientation. If you have been here before (thank you for coming back), use the menu on the right to find the power supply design information you need.

Power supply design problems and solutions are discussed in a unique problem-solving format, where each problem is identified and discussed, then a test is provided to determine the relevance to your design followed by a general discussion of its solvability. Finally, pointers are provided to where you can find a solution. These pointers are usually in the form of applicable key papers, application notes, websites, and book chapters. The Switching-Mode Power Supply Design Problem List gets you to this, the heart of the website. The emphasis is on the design of switching-mode power supplies, also called switching power supplies or switching regulators. However, much is of interest to those in any electronic design discipline, since topics on simulation with SPICE and other simulators, circuit layout, measurement, testing, and trouble-shooting are included.

A power supply design tutorial ties the problems together and serves as an introduction to switching-mode power supply design.

For years we have been providing answers to power supply design questions. You can find some of these recorded in a power supply design blog along with other topics.

Resources useful to the power supply circuit designer form an integral part of the website. The resource menu gets you to these resources which include lists of books, a recommended power supply design personal library, websites, vendors, seminars, full-text papers, and design aids related to switching-mode power supply design.

A personal anecdote is included in each problem discussion to personalize the information. There is also information about SMPS Technology, the origins of the website, and its author/editor, about Jerrold Foutz.

Transactional Analysis theory provides the unique problem solving approach used throughout the website.

A source of inspiration for us to keep working on the website has been what others say about our website.

A powerful search engine capability has been added to the website that allows you to search for the topics of most interest to you.

Email Policy. Through August, 2001, I had a policy of answering all email. Due to work load I have had to change that policy. I now read all email but until further notice can not answer most of it, including all design questions asking for help. You will find some standard answers at Power Supply Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

There is an exception to the above email policy. For you who subscribe to my free opt-in power supply design newsletter that announces updates and plans for this website, you get a special email address for subscribers only. I answer all questions that can be answered in 10 minutes or less sent by subscribers to that address.

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